pyLoad has two configurations, config is for the pyLoad Core, pluginconfig for all the plugins

Standard Configuration of config

The standard configuration for config looks like this

port = 7272
password = pwhere
activated = True
port = 8080
username = User
password = webpw
file_log = True
log_folder = Logs
log_count = 5
language = de
download_folder = downloads
max_downloads = 3
use_reconnect = False
link_file = links.txt
failed_file = failed_links.txt
reconnect_method = reconnect_method
debug_mode = True
search_updates = True
install_updates = False
start = 0:00
end = 0:00
start = 0:00
end = 0:00
activated = False
adress = http://localhost:8080
protocol = http

Sections of config

A short description for every setting

section standard setting description


port 7272 sets the port to connect to the core for
password pwhere sets the password to be used by


activated True enable/disable the webinterface. set False to disable
port 8080 sets the port for the webinterface to connect to.
username User sets the username for the webinterface login
password webpw sets the password for the webinterface login

[log] [general]

language de sets the language. de (german) or en (english)
download_folder downloads folder where downloaded files will be saved
max_downloads 3 sets the maximum number of parallel downloads
use_reconnect False enables/disables the use of reconnect
link_file links.txt file with new links. one link per line
failed_file failed_links.txt links that failed to download will be backuped in this file
reconnect_method reconnect_method script runs on reconnect, e.g. ./ or reconnect.bat
debug_mode False enables/disables debugging. useful if a plugin stops working.


search_updates True enable/disable search for updates on startup. set to False to disable
install_updates False enable/disable automatic installation of updates. True to enable

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