Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a package?

A package is a collection of links (or a single link) to group files to be downloaded together e.g. for multi-file archive downloads. A package must be created in order to download files.

What are links?

Links are URLs that locate a file to be downloaded. Links can be added when creating a package or added to existing packages.

What is the collector tab?

The collector tab is where packages are gathered prior to being queued for download. From this tab, “push selected packages to queue” in order to start downloading them.

What is "Use Reconnect"?

This option will try to obtain new IP addresses to beat download limits. See Reconnect.

How do I find out the meaning of an option?

Are multiple connections supported?

Yes, of course.

Why do I have to manually type the security text for Hotfile?

Is reCaptcha supported?

There is currently no captcha recognition for reCaptcha and it's very difficult to implement. But you can use one of the anti-captcha services which allow you to buy (and sometimes earn) credits to use for unassisted captcha solving. Currently supported are,,, (pay for credits), (earn credits by solving other captchas when you have time) and (pay or earn).

What happens if you "pull out" a download in progress?

The download will continue but you will be able to make changes in the collector tab.

How do I run pyLoad in debug mode?

Enable the option in the settings or use the -d argument.

How do I make pyLoad detect OpenSSL on Windows?

Placing the libraries in the dist folder may help.

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